Message from the founder

I am a heart transplant recipient. I literally knew NOTHING about the donor and transplant World – but, after a massive heart attack (2017), followed by heart failure, I was quickly thrusted into a world that I never imagined I would be a part of. I found myself trying to grasp my new world of heart failure, and at the same time trying to survive and wrap my head around this new Donor/Recipient World that followed. Let’s be honest, the idea of having an organ removed from your body is OVERWHELMING, to say the least.

Both my wife and I (she is a certified “google doctor”), found ourselves looking for answers – for hope, for whatever would help ease all of our hesitancy and fear. I wanted to find a place where I could read more about actual people who had gone through what my doctors were telling me I would now have to go through. Thus, the idea came to light to create this forum for “others like me and like my wife”, to come together to share our stories.

Together, my wife Julie and I began a difficult journey that ended in a miracle, the most precious gift, “The Gift of Life”. Grateful was the first word that came to mind when I started to think seriously about creating a place to thank all of those who help make this type of miracle come true; so was the beginning of Donorgratitude.org. Words alone will never fully describe or express the amazing feeling of gratitude I have for my new heart. I received my amazing gift on January 10th 2019 and from that day forward it has been my desire to create a place for Organ recipients to express their gratitude for the gift they have received. That is why my mission now is to build “The Bridge of Life”. The bridge of life will be a virtual place that connects all organ recipients to all of those in the transplant world that help make the gift of life possible.

Every organ recipient has their own journey throughout the transplant process. But, we all have one common interest and that is the need to heal, both physically and emotionally, while beginning our new life. One of my personal needs to heal was having the ability to show my gratitude for a gift that I was so fortunate to receive. My belief is that we can heal faster and stronger if we have easier access to a place that allows us to show our gratitude to all of those who make our gift of life come true.

Donorgratitude.org, we are organ transplant recipients creating a place for all people to heal. We are building “The bridge of life”, a bridge that connects organ recipients anonymously with donors and families, donor network offices, transplant hospitals and all those in the transplant world who are working tirelessly to save lives.

My deepest appreciation will always be to all of those who have made my new life possible.

Forever Grateful,

Don DeVorss

Organ Recipients Connecting The "Bridge of life"

Organ transplant recipients creating awareness, expressing their gratitude and building “The Bridge of Life”

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