Miracles that Saved the Life of my Wife

LINKEDIN – Part of the Miracle that Saved the Life of My Wife!

I wanted to share with you an incredible story about how LinkedIn helped save my wife’s life by getting her approved for a heart transplant.

We moved to South Florida September 24, 2019 and my wife received a heart transplant only two months later – November 24, 2019.

Through LinkedIn I was able to get in direct contact with lawyers, Social Security and Medicaid Executives, and my wife’s heart transplant cardiologist, to give her a second chance.  The original appointment for my wife’s heart transplant cardiologist was November 18, 2019. Due to our connecting on LinkedIn, along with my message, her appointment was moved up to October 31, 2019. The heart transplant was November 24, 2019.

Within 2 months of her Social Security appeal, my wife was approved;

  • Within 2 weeks of her Social Security approval, my wife was approved for Medicaid;
  • Within 2 weeks of her Medicaid approval, my wife had a heart transplant, after being on the UNOS donor list for ONLY 1 day; and
  • Within 4 weeks of her heart transplant, my wife was approved for Medicaid long term care Waiver, meaning $0 deductibles for the rest of her life.

There were several miracles that saved my wife’s life and have helped her for the rest of her life:

1) Heart Transplant Cardiologist appointment moved from November 18 to October 31, heart transplant November 24;
2) Social Security Disability Appeal approved October 31, less than 2 months after start of Appeal — Patient Advocate Foundation helped appeal and guidance;
3) Medicaid approved within 2 weeks of Social Security Disability approval;
4) Long term Medicaid Waiver approval within a month with help from Aging & Disability Resource Center with referral from Lawyer;
5) Moving to South Florida after Texas Cardiologist said NO CHANCE to get heart transplant without Insurance and receiving a heart transplant on the 2nd month Anniversary of living in South Florida;
6) Being put on the UNOS donor list Friday, being told about matching heart Saturday and actual heart transplant Surgery Sunday #3 on the list; and
7) Being referred to heart transplant cardiologist at Memorial Hospital after being diagnosed with late stage heart failure at another hospital and connecting with heart transplant cardiologist on Linked-in and creating a life lasting bond and relationship

Five people helped make these miracles a reality:

Heart transplant cardiologist using LinkedIn

  • Patient Advocate Foundation
  • Lawyer — Referral to Aging & Disability Resources Center using LinkedIn
  • Medicaid Employees
  • Social Security Regional Director using LinkedIn

Note from Donorgratitude.org:  I’m sharing Jeff’s story that he sent into us, as it’s an incredible story and one that I have never heard before about how LinkedIn helped save Jeff’s wife.  I never would have thought to use LinkedIn as this type of resource, but, it obviously worked for Jeff and his wife.  If this can help anyone else out there, than it’s well worth sharing his story.


Miracles that Saved the Life of my Wife

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