A Gift from You to Me

I think of you often and tears began to flow

I realize now this is how it is meant to be,

a gift from you to me

He said it was ok I ask him everyday

His voice was Mighty and strong far sure

I knew not how to feel

The thought of you leaving this world for my sake,

was so overwhelming and real

A gift from you to me and my new life begins

My skies are again blue

Solely because of this gift from you

I think of you often most certainly every day.

My blessing is everlasting

never to fade away

How do I ever repay this gift a gift from you to me

My thoughts and prayers will always be with you,

As you will now always be a beautiful part of me

This poem is dedicated to my Donor and gives Thanks to all the donors of the world. My sincere and deepest gratitude goes to the families and friends, whose loved ones have made it possible for all of us receiving this beautiful gift of life, to live on. It is also dedicated to all of the transplant hospitals, doctors, nurses and the donor networks who help make these miracles happen.

Forever Grateful,

Don DeVorss

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