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1 Year Kidneyversary

The Beck Family is so excited to Celebrate Steve’s 1 Year Kidneyversary which was October 11, 2023!!!!! Can’t believe that is been a year since this life saving Kidney Transplant.… Read more “1 Year Kidneyversary”

Steve Beck

6 month Kidneyversary

Hi Everybody, The Beck Family is Celebrating the month of April which is National Donate Life Month. We’re also Celebrating Steve’s 6th month Kidneyversary on April 11, 2023!! He’s doing… Read more “6 month Kidneyversary”

Steve Beck

3 month Kidneyversary!!!!

Hi Everybody: The Beck Family is Celebrating Steve’s 3 month’s Kidneyversary January 11, 2023!!! Steve is doing just great! He feels fantastic, has renewed energy and his appetite is back!… Read more “3 month Kidneyversary!!!!”

Steve Beck

I month Kidneyversary

Hi Everybody. Steve’s 1 month Kidneyversary is November 11, 2022!!! He’s doing great!!! His appetite is back and he’s walking 1 mile a day. The Transplant Team is very happy… Read more “I month Kidneyversary”

Steve Beck

Kidney Advocate

My name is James Myers. I live in Hammond, IN. I am an ESRD & PKD patient. I was lucky enough to have a transplant on April 27th, 2016. I… Read more “Kidney Advocate”

Jim Myers

Two Hearts Become One

Alisa Jurcsak always knew something was wrong, but it wasn’t until her son collapsed in 2001 that she learned they both suffered from left ventricular non-completion, a rare form of… Read more “Two Hearts Become One”

Frank and Alisa Furfaro

Walking Miracle

My name is Thelma Warner. I’m a retired Business Education Teacher from NC. Prior to that I was a flight attendant for a major airline.
The past few years… Read more “Walking Miracle”

Thelma Warner

Our Change of Heart

We are truly gifted, the day we are born, with a finite duration of time. How you use your present determines your epiphany or tragic mystery. I always lived my… Read more “Our Change of Heart”

Eugene Dennis Shimandle

Miracles that Saved the Life of my Wife

LINKEDIN – Part of the Miracle that Saved the Life of My Wife! I wanted to share with you an incredible story about how LinkedIn helped save my wife’s life… Read more “Miracles that Saved the Life of my Wife”

Jeff Mensch (Pseudonym)

Gratitude to an Unknown Donor

Today I would just like to share my thanks and extreme gratitude to an unknown donor and their family. I have no idea if you were male or female, how… Read more “Gratitude to an Unknown Donor”

Thelma Warner

2 Time Liver Transplant Surviver

My name is Megan and I’m 28 years old and this is my Transplant Surviver Story. I’m a 2 time Liver Transplant surviver I was born with Biliary atresia is… Read more “2 Time Liver Transplant Surviver”


My Big Brother

I have always looked up to my brother. We are very close in age; I was one grade below him in school. He has always been there for me, no… Read more “My Big Brother”

Diane Bushnell

Patrick’s fight

My husband Patrick and our family was vacationing in Disneyland in 2016 when his defibrillator went off in the hotel room. He was flown to Stanford Hospital and landed in… Read more “Patrick’s fight”

Christine Boland

Thank you Stanford Hospital

Stanford Hospital
I would like to express and share my gratitude for the gift of a new heart that I received in 2019 from Stanford Hospital. I was blessed… Read more “Thank you Stanford Hospital”

Don DeVorss

Organ Recipients Connecting The "Bridge of life"

Organ transplant recipients creating awareness, expressing their gratitude and building “The Bridge of Life”

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