6 month Kidneyversary

Hi Everybody,

The Beck Family is Celebrating the month of April which is National Donate Life Month. We’re also Celebrating Steve’s 6th month Kidneyversary on April 11, 2023!! He’s doing absolutely FANTASTIC!! We are forever grateful to our Angel Michelle and her husband Mike. Michelle’s kidney donation to Steve has improved his life beyond measure! Steve is truly a living MIRACLE!

Nationally, over 114,000 people on the Transplant Waiting list for much-needed organs. Each day, at least 17 people will die while on the waiting list for a vital organ such as heart, kidney or liver.
Please consider being a Living Donor. You could be the next MIRACLE and save someone’s life!

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support for Steve and the Beck Family.

6 month Kidneyversary

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